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Penny & Bill's Events Archive
— Listings & Scrapbooks —

Note: Some of these are legacy pages moved to our new Events web site. While the links to them should work fine, some of the links within pages prior to 2007 may not, including links on "Penny Harter's Main Menu". (Links to our own scrapbooks and the like do work.) Please pardon our "changing to a new domains" situation.

This page provides links to information on events Bill and I have participated in over the past few seasons. Some of these offer rich scrapbooks—multilayered retrospectives that give a sense of what it was like to be there. Others simply inlcude a listing of the events of that season.

Douglass College CenterListing, Winter 2007–2008. We did only a couple of readings this winter, but this was probably the busiest winter we have ever had, filled with arts residencies in a number of schools plus judging of regional competitions for the Poetry Out Loud National Recitation Contests and residencies in the NJ Arts in Education program.

Douglass College CenterListing, Autumn 2007. This autumn, Penny read with a number of other NJ poets in a celebration of the Edison Literary Review, and a memorial service in California featured a musical composition by noted composer Hilary Tann with lyrics by the two of us. Autumn 2007 also found us teaching a poetry workshop for adults at Playwrights Theatre in Madison (if you missed it, check our current events page!), and giving workshops for adults and teachers in New York City. Click the photo at the left for details on all these events.

Douglass College CenterListing, Summer 2007. Every month brought new adventures. We attended the Haiku Canada Weekend Conference in Ottawa in May, and Penny read her work for an appreciative crowd on Alumnae Day at the Douglass College Center (pictured at the left) in June. July found us teaching a poetry workshop for adults at Playwrights Theatre in Madison (if you missed it, check our current events page!), and in August we were both presenters at the biennial Haiku North America Conference, held this year in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Click the photo at the left for details on all these events.

Listing, Spring 2007. We continued our work in Poetry Out Loud and school residencies, including a visit to the International Baccalaureate Program at Yonkers, NY, High School, where Bill led a discussion of a major work by the 17th century Japanese poet Bashô, and we both led a workshop in writing haibun, a type of personal essay including haiku poems. We also participated in a number of poetry readings. At left, Penny reads at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's Cherry Blossom Festival.

POL mike logoListing, Winter 2006–2007. We both participated in the Poetry Out Loud National Recitation Contest series last year, but this year we were involved with more schools, and more deeply, as more than a score of New Jersey schools up and down the state joined the program. Also, one of my poems served as a major portion of the text of a piece of choral music premiered at a Christmas celebration in North Adams, Massachusetts, and we were involved in several other events.

Walt Whitman photoListing, Autumn 2006. From the New York launch of Bill's elegant electronic book of haiku translations and photographs, to the Walt Whitman Poetry Festival in Ocean Grove, New Jersey, we had a busy fall, including readings and presentations at a conference on "Language and the Mind" dealing with creative writing and mental health.

Morrin Centre, Quebec, Canada

Listing, Summer 2006. After a reading at Woodbridge's historic Barron Arts Center, we were off on a two-week trip to Canada, giving readings, workshops, and attending events in our honor in Ottawa and Québec. Along the way we enjoyed wonderful hospitality, conversations with many fascinating people, and some excellent views of Canada's capital and the St. Laurence.

Bill's collage of journal covers for the May 15, 2006 Festival of NJ Poetry Journals.
Our Fabulous Spring 2006. This was our busiest spring ever! Bill and I visited a total of six elementary and secondary schools for the New Jersey Writers Project and the Poetry Out Loud National Recitation Competition. Individually or together, we participated in seven different poetry readings, including a Valentine's Day reading together at the Metro-West JCC in West Orange and portraying Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning in the Carriage House reading series in Fanwood.

(Bill created this collage for our final event of the season, the Poetry Festival: A Celebration of New Jersey's Literary Journals held in North Caldwell.)

Mijares: Beneath the PalisadeListing: Autumn 2005     A busy autumn included Penny as featured reader in an inaugural reading at the Myhelan Cultural Arts Center in Long Valley, New Jersey; Penny and Bill as readers, lecturers, panelists and workshop leaders in an international writers conference at Centrum in Port Townsend, Washington; both of us reading in Fanwood, NJ, at an art show and reading for Maria Mijares's large-scale paintings of transportation subjects; and the two of us involved in a new improvisational renku and dance performance in New York City. (The photo at left hardly gives an impression of Maria Mijares's large-scale painting, acrylic on canvas, entitled "Beneath the Palisade" ©mijares05.)
B&N SpringfieldListing: Winter-Spring 2005    Information on our haiku and renku workshop at the Zen Center of the City of New York, our benefit reading for the Summit Playhouse Association, and a group reading at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens' famous Cherry Blossom Festival. (At left, the Barnes & Noble store in Springfield, New Jersey, site of the benefit reading.)
Japanese DancerScrapbook: October 2004 Trip to Iga Ueno, Japan     Many photos and detailed descriptions of events in connection with our participation in the Master Bashô Festival in his hometown. Haiku, renku sessions, a ginko (haiku walk), and public events. Includes a complete renku (collaborative linked poem) in both Japanese and English. (At left, Ms. Nagaie and her troup dance at one of the evening banquets during the festival.)
Golden Gate BridgeScrapbook: Our Summer 2004 Western Tour     Photographs and details of our readings and workshops tour of Northern California; Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Denver and Golden Colorado. Many photos of the scenery and of the people involved. (At left, the Golden Gate Bridge, over which we travelled several times between events in San Francisco and points north.)
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